Lupita Nyong’o

By | February 3, 2014

A 30 year old Lupita Nyong’o a kenyan, an African beauty who won the award of best supporting actress for the portrayed of Patsey in 12 Years a slave.

This is natural beauty…

Lupita is an inspiration to everyone, good luck to your journey.

Direct Boxes

By | February 2, 2014

Aside from my daily routine, one way to play the guitar is jamming with friends every Saturday night or at least twice a month. We usually gathered at home bringing their own favorite instruments like acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and others. I am always prepared for these situations no more signal distortion because I’ve got already the affordable di box at guitar center to solve our long time problem. We are now playing normally even we used long cables; without noise or losing signals.

John Pearse Guitar Strings

By | January 24, 2014

I’m always having a great time in playing my guitars, I have always the time with it no matter what happened and I never let the day passed without strumming it. One day I don’t know why I encountered strange sounds and I just continued playing it until I realized it started when I changed the type of my string. So I tried to go back with my great john pearse guitar strings to see if I’ll encounter the same thing, luckily I was right, it’s my string.

Winter Lip Care

By | January 11, 2014

There are many different kinds of products available today. While some promise to take care of chapped or cracked lips, others aim to keep them well-nourished and optimally hydrated. Some others promise to make them suppler and smoother, and enhance their appearance. There are many that claim to help remove scars and unnatural pigmentation. Well, that’s quite a large number of different products, if you want to take all-round care of your lips.

Won’t that be great if you could have just one product to take care of all lip problems? Fortunately, there is one such class of advanced lip care products that does it all. It’s called lip plumper.

Lips plumper not only act on the outside by making your lips look fuller and luscious, but also nourish and strengthen them from the inside. Some feature advanced formula that combines modern technology with natural cacao and Shea butter, olive oil, vegetable glycerin, and vitamin E. This ensures that your lips not only look gorgeous, but also remain healthy and well-nourished.

So, give your lips all the care and nourishment they need during the harsh winter months. Lip plumper will make them not only look fuller and lustrous, but also take good all-round care of them. Choose from the lip plumper containing the above mentioned ingredients for great looking lips throughout the cold season.

Books are my best friends

By | December 23, 2013

I have considered books as my best friends since i started learning ABC and uttering consonants and vowel sounds. My friends are have been there for me from grade school until I’ve got my degree. Yes during my time we don’t have the computer to browse net and research my assignments, my thesis and everything that concerns with my studies.


So that time i really need books as my references, buy books encyclopedias and the library. I am really thankful for the books, i found so very useful and very important during my days.
I didn’t say that books are not important today rather i should say students nowadays used the computers to browse the net for their assignments. They really rely on the net, sad to say that other student rejected books as their references. I said this because, i offered my books, encyclopedias to some of the students but they just ignored it, they said that they have the internet to browse for their assignments.
Since we are only small family and there will be no one to use them anymore, i want to share those remaining books including the encyclopedias just to make it useful to the community. I still hope that teachers, professors reiterate the use of books and encyclopedia as references.  Anyone can help me?


Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

By | December 20, 2013

There are a lot of mouthpieces that is out in the market and each gives all the best deal they could offer. Well for those who could hardly decide what would be the best for you, it’s here the excellent tenor saxophone mouthpiece at Musicians Friend is really amazing, equal sound in the whole range, top to bottom, easy to blow too, in short fits to all.

Samson Keyboard

By | December 1, 2013

As a guitarist first, how I love to add more collections on my musical instrument to fill up the spaces available in my music room. I have already set of drums, violin, and fender modern player. Now I’ve got the new and exciting samson keyboard at musicians friend. Although I’m not expert in playing those instruments, but there is no impossible to learn everything if your heart is in music.

Lazada Affiliates Exciting Promos

By | November 14, 2013

Exciting Promos for Lazada Affiliates!

As a way to thank beloved Lazada Affiliates, the Philippines’ online shopping mall is offering two great promos that allows you to double your earnings and get a chance to win a new iPhone 5C (16GB).

Earn Through Facebook


Earn up to 5% commission from your Facebook fan page by signing up and sharing/posting Lazada banners on your page. It’s that easy! Get a chance to win a brand new iPhone 5C by generating the most sales among others. Also, three lucky affiliates will be randomly handpicked to win Php5000 Lazada gift certificates each. Promo ends on December 12, 2013 so sign up today! Visit for full mechanics of the promo.

Double Your Pay-Out


It’s double the fun at Lazada! Simply aim to generate total purchases of at least Php100,000 before the end of the promo (December 12, 2013) to have a chance of doubling your pay out. Then, the top 5 who have the biggest amounts of total purchases (above Php 100,000) will win. The selection of 5 winners will be held on December 27, 2013. Visit to learn about the full mechanics of the promo.

If you’re not an affiliate yet, join the bandwagon and start earning from your website or Facebook fan page! Simply visit to join or email

Lazada Fashion

By | November 4, 2013

LAZADA intruduces premier fashion items to Southeast Asian customers

 LAZADA is on its way to becoming Southeast Asia’s number one fashion shopping destination

• Almost 10,000 fashion items already available
• Features 700 well-known local and international fashion brands
online (among them Nike, Celine, Marc Jacobs, RayBan, etc.)
• Supports local designers and smaller brands through LAZADA’s unique fashion marketplace model

Lazada, the leading online shopping in the Philippines, today announces the launch of its brand-new fashion marketplace in Lazada ID, Lazada MY, Lazada PH, Lazada TH and Lazada VN.

Lazada, which initially offered categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment, now adds to their extensive category range almost 10,000 fashion accessories like watches, bags and shoes and apparel. The fashion assortment consists of more than 700 local and international brands including Nike, Celine, Crocs, RayBan, Linea Italia, Dupe, Pepe Jeans, Casio, Mendrez, Marc Jacobs and Mossimo.

Lazada also supports local designers and upcoming brands by offering the unique opportunity to create their own online shop-in-shop. Through this marketplace model, brands can leverage on Lazada’s popularity and operational expertise, as well as reach customers beyond the traditional offline infrastructure. Smaller retailers benefit from Lazada’s traffic through Lazada’s strong customer base as well as from specific campaigns like the Lazada fashion week where local designers are able to present their products to a broad online audience.

“We are very proud to announce the launch of our new fashion marketplace today. This marks a huge step forward on our way to become Southeast Asia’s shopping destination with the broadest assortment available on one platform. We saw a growing demand for fashion items and responded to this need right away. This is a logical step that follows our customer-centric approach: We want to serve our customer’s needs in all areas of their lives”, says Maximilian Bittner, CEO of the LAZADA group.

Boarding new brands like Z’Ng by Jonathan Wong from Malaysia, Co-founder and Fashion Category Manager Martell Hardenberg said, “We are proud of being able to both enhance the range for our customers and to contribute to the online ecosystem in Southeast Asia through our unique marketplace model. This is a great achievement as it is very important for us to give young designers and local entrepreneurs a platform which helps them to access the broad market.”

Due to existing infrastructure, LAZADA is able to grow the assortment very quickly. Many more items, new sub-categories and new shops are added every day to ensure customers will find all fashion items they look for on LAZADA.

LAZADA ( is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing online shopping mall, with operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

LAZADA is pioneering e-commerce across some of the fastest growing countries in the world by offering a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a broad product offering in categories ranging from fashion, consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment.

LAZADA is always striving to offer its customers the best possible offerings – including multiple payment options (cash on delivery and all major credit cards), free returns and extensive customer service and warranty commitments. On-the-go shoppers can conveniently shop from the LAZADA Android app.


New Dean Vendetta

By | November 4, 2013

One of my wish this Christmas and is to have it on my hand the new dean vendetta. I’m extremely impressed for all the vendetta series. I once played the vendetta XMT, paulownia top/body where the sound plays so solid and also I love its metallic blue color, it’s pretty cool. I always wanted a vendetta when I first saw it and I’m still hoping to have it before the year ends. Or anyone have a golden heart can give me.