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Steel building

By | September 10, 2011

Early years wood was the number one material of choice in building and residential construction. But as technology advance so has the used of steel building . Steel has another distinctive quality that is its strength. A steel I-beam outperforms a wooden beam in its strength, life and ability to hold heavier loads. Steel is almost half […]

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Metal building

By | July 9, 2011

It takes ambition to live our life meaningful but we must work hard to make everything easy and live in comfortable way of living. The question is how to do and where to start. We have all the guts and talent all to do is explore it. Based on my experience i did not find […]

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Steel Building

By | September 7, 2010

In previous years,  the construction of metal structure is done in a conventional way but very complicated. As it appears, it  is not so presentable  to the public and it is hard to get exactly what you want in building a house, workshop, garage, etc.. Today all these have changed and  there is a worldwide […]

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Stainless Steel Products Industry

By | April 11, 2010

As China’s sustained and rapid development of economic construction and people’s living standard continues to improve, demand for stainless steel products increased year by year, promoted the rapid progress of stainless steel products industry, but also pulling the stainless steel market demand. Rapid economic growth, consolidate the foundation of stainless steel products industry made the […]

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