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The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

By | April 26, 2014

This is a great song where the Summer Six rock the world. If the big crowd enjoyed so much likewise feel the same while watching how they perform.

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Use of Pro tools

By | March 17, 2014

I used one laptop exclusively for videos, music, recordings and downloading. With pro tools, it works for me great. I started using pro tools 9 and now with protools 10 and I feel the difference with the work flow is so much faster now especially with fades since you don’t need to process fades anymore, […]

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Dunlop Univibe

By | March 15, 2014

Here is the name that you need. If you’re looking the one with an expression pedal output, you can hear it now from my friend who talked about his new dunlop univibe from guitar center.This is the only one of his musical equipment with good quality, richer and brighter tone at very reasonable prices. I […]

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Direct Boxes

By | February 2, 2014

Aside from my daily routine, one way to play the guitar is jamming with friends every Saturday night or at least twice a month. We usually gathered at home bringing their own favorite instruments like acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and others. I am always prepared for these situations no more signal distortion because I’ve […]

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John Pearse Guitar Strings

By | January 24, 2014

I’m always having a great time in playing my guitars, I have always the time with it no matter what happened and I never let the day passed without strumming it. One day I don’t know why I encountered strange sounds and I just continued playing it until I realized it started when I changed […]

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Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

By | December 20, 2013

There are a lot of mouthpieces that is out in the market and each gives all the best deal they could offer. Well for those who could hardly decide what would be the best for you, it’s here the excellent tenor saxophone mouthpiece at Musicians Friend is really amazing, equal sound in the whole range, […]

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Samson Keyboard

By | December 1, 2013

As a guitarist first, how I love to add more collections on my musical instrument to fill up the spaces available in my music room. I have already set of drums, violin, and fender modern player. Now I’ve got the new and exciting samson keyboard at musicians friend. Although I’m not expert in playing those […]

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New Dean Vendetta

By | November 4, 2013

One of my wish this Christmas and is to have it on my hand the new dean vendetta. I’m extremely impressed for all the vendetta series. I once played the vendetta XMT, paulownia top/body where the sound plays so solid and also I love its metallic blue color, it’s pretty cool. I always wanted a […]

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Dimarzio d Activator X

By | October 27, 2013

How excited am I when I’ve got my new guitar and started playing it right away. Since its new I keep on playing every day in order to know better what to improve on it. My first concentration was on pickups, that some of the pickups that I need can be find and can save […]

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Simmons SD5k Electronic Drum Set

By | June 27, 2013

Our family is a music lover and enjoys jamming all the time. We have different collections of musical instruments and now my son in law invested a simmons sd5k electronic drum set this includes pads, rack and drum brain; which is the most important in the set. The electronic drum set was delivered last week […]

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