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Back braces

By | May 28, 2012

One day I’ve visited dear Alma Mater, I spent a lot of time there, playing volleyball and softball. But the most is remembering my childhood crush Bro, while standing in front of the building. Bro is three years ahead from me. There are so many things that have changed, the whole building itself and I’m […]

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Quick weight loss austin

By | November 19, 2011

My 20 year old niece have a big problem with regards to her obesity, she wanted to get in to a gym to start working out for weight loss and stay in good shape. She did a lot of exercises, warm ups, sit ups, running, its very hard for her running everyday that she feels […]

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Belly dancing

By | June 17, 2011

Wow what a lovely morning! Just get up 30 minutes late from my usual time but still have time doing the waka waka belly dancing. I’ve just learned the belly dancing few days ago and I am very new with these but i like it so much as well as the music, its really fantastic and […]

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By | June 15, 2011

Actually i don’t know anything about this   zoomba , i just heard the music and watched my friends dancing. I just keep on watching them ’til suddenly i found myself joining the crowd. I am not sure it would be good but what i know i enjoyed joining the group dancing. While i’m on it, i’ve […]

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Creatine powders

By | March 23, 2011

At first i don’t know anything about this product. I just saw it from a friend in the gym who drinks regularly. For curiosity i asked him regarding this product and he highly recommended to me to take  creatine powders regularly since i do workouts too. But be sure to read and follow the instructions […]

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Increase muscle mass

By | October 21, 2010

As human beings, we are all naturally impatient in many aspects and this includes the  pursuit of having a perfect physique.  We would like to find a way to increase our  muscle mass  faster so that we look better in the mirror and  more appealing to others.  Exercise alone may have a minimal effect but you […]

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